We Work Closely with Payors and Provide High-Touch, Customized Clinical Expertise.

By working together to focus on the bigger picture of broad-based disease management, KabaFusion is committed to a policy known as “pharmacoeconomic stewardship.” This includes minimizing the daunting challenges faced by payors and acting as a partner they can count on to share their strategic goal of controlling the costs associated with expensive infusion therapies. We employ the most effective, state-of-the-art mechanisms to achieve disease remission at the lowest possible cost. Our pharmacists, nurses and reimbursement specialists work as a team to provide our patients with efficient and reliable care. As a result, patients experience excellent coordination of care, reduced adverse events, reduced costs and comprehensive monitoring of their medical treatment.

Our Services Include:

  • Expertise in drug- and disease-specific patient management including development of individualized therapeutic regimens.
  • Efficient handling of the authorization and reimbursement process, creating a better, hassle-free experience for both our patients and providers.
  • A nationwide system of infusion sites that decrease the amount of hospitalization time and minimize costs to our patients, while also providing convenient flexibility to meet the different clinical and operational needs of our users.
  • Ongoing patient monitoring and reassessment activities to determine responsiveness to treatment, drug complications, adverse reactions and patient compliance.
  • Consultations and reviews with care professionals to adjust medication orders if necessary.
  • Patient education programs that explain their illness, the benefits of therapy, how to manage home infusion for their illness and care of their IV access.
  • Performance improvement programs that include collection of clinical outcomes data, patient perception data, trending and analysis of these and other performance measurement data.
  • Meaningful, actionable outcomes reporting.