• 20 years experienced intake coordinators manage all insurance authorization, eligibility and coverage benefits. Proactively manage re-authorization to avoid any disruption in care.

  • Pharmacists work closely with physicians and evaluate every patients medical record to select appropriate branded medication. If not specified by Physician, therapy is individualized considering unique patient characteristics.

  • Registered Nurses skilled in IVIG and home infusion accompany patient during the entire infusionnbsp;and are dedicated to having continuity of care with the same nurse every time.

  • Outcomes evaluation and tracking of all patients. Continuous case management of chronic patient by Registered Nurse Pharmacist during and between treatments.

  • Intake team is dedicated to provide financial counseling as needed. All Manufacturer and KabaFusion patient assistance plans are optimized.

  • KabaFusion is contracted with University of Iowa Drug Information Service for real-time drug information for patients, physicians and payors. On-line references are available 24/7.

  • Managed by Registered Pharmacists who specialize in home infusion therapy.

  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists(ASHP), National Home Infusion Association(NHIA), USP 797, Sterile Mixing license, Accreditation Commission for Health Care(ACHC)

  • Our Clinical Pharmacists have more than 25 years of IVIG expertise and are NHIA HIT Program Certified.

  • USP 797, CA Board of Pharmacy, HIPAA Compliant

  • CA Board of Pharmacy review with no discrepanciesnbsp;on 9/21/2011. California Board of Pharmacy Retail Pharmacy and Sterile Mixing License.
  • Compliant with ALL Fraud and Abuse, Wastage regulations. Absent from OIG exclusion list.

  • Easy Retrieval with progress notes, FDA, HIPAA Guidelines, USP 797.

  • Most products stocked (Immunoglobulin, Antibiotics, TPN, Inotropics). All products available within 24 hours from wholesaler.



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