Home Infusion & IVIG Therapy for Neuromuscular disorders, Skin Diseases(Dermatology), Primary Immunodeficiency, Obstetrics

  • IVIG is considered more effective & safer alternative to standard therapies for treatment of CIDP.

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  • IVIG is preferred treatment of GBS because of convenience, availability & safety.

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  • Recent studies show positive results using IVIG in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

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  • The usefulness of IVIG in Dermatology is ever increasing.

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  • The efficacy of IVIG in Primary Immune Deficiency Syndromes is well-established.

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KabaFusion is a national Specialty Infusion Pharmacy with locations in California, Texas, Massachussetts and New Jersey servicing patients in twenty-two states. KabaFusion focuses on both chronic and acute therapies including the following: Immunoglobulin (IV & SQ), Antibiotics, Total Parenteral Nutrition and Enteral therapies.
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Patient care is our highest priority. We improve the lives of our patients by integrating modern medicine with personalized compassionate care.

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At KabaFusion, our dedicated team is uniquely qualified to work with your staff and successfully navigate the clinical and administrative complexities that are often associated with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy at home.
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